Is Condo Insurance Required?

If you have a mortgage on your condo, you will typically be required to purchase an HO-6 condo insurance policy. If you do not have a mortgage, you are not required to have an HO6 condo policy; however, we highly recommend it. 

Even if your condo association has no coverage requirements, we still highly encourage you to purchase coverage for your unit. It is the best money you’ll ever spend on your condo. 

The home is often one of the most important and valuable assets a person owns—not to mention something many people spend years working to build up.

Make sure you insure your property with an appropriate HO-6 Condo Insurance Policy.

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Inside insurance was founded on the principle of Integrity (doing the right thing, even if no one is watching). We pride ourselves on putting our client’s needs first. Providing the most appropriate coverage is our first priority. As an Independent agency, we are able to provide our clients with the best insurance products available to suit their needs, and then match them with the best price available. We want to be your Agency for life and we strive to blow your socks off with our service to earn your trust in referring your family and friends.

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